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保固 & 保養

保固說明 Warranty /


Body impression may occurs over a long duration of mattress usage and this is completely normal. Please refer to the warranty terms as below:



1 – 2 years: It is under warranty claim if the body impression is over 2.5cm. We will repair or replace the mattress accordingly (Exclude transportation charges).



3 – 10 years: If the body impression is over 2.5cm, mattress will be sent to factory for repairing depending on the product inspection on site (Exclude transportation charges).


因長期床墊使用,容易滋生細菌,建議使用10年以上的床墊,可洽詢門市經銷據點, 購買新床墊。

Above 10 years: It is not recommended to use any mattress more than 10 years due to hygiene issue and body development. Welcome to visit any of our showroom to seek for professional advices on the suitable new mattress.



Our product warranty does not include:

  • 正常人體壓痕,在睡眠區域內,2.5公分以內的凹陷程度。
  • Standard body impression within 2.5cm.
  • 對產品本身軟硬度的偏好。
  • Personal comfort preference on the purchased mattress.
  • 床墊使用髒污、色斑、燒焦。 床墊尺寸容許誤差值為±2公分。
  • Mattress with dirt, stain or burnt. Mattress height allowance is ±2cm.
  • 展示用樣品或是瑕疵品。
  • Product used for sample or commercial display.
  • 自行搬運床墊,造成四周護邊鋼線彎曲以及其他損害及瑕疵問題。
  • Human negligent faults that caused by self-transportation.

使用說明 Proper Use /

  • 依貝妮®床墊大部分採用獨立筒彈簧製成,請搭配表面平整並能提供平放床墊的床架或下墊,確保床墊能夠得到完整的支撐。
  • Majority of Ebenyflex® mattresses are made with pocketed spring system. So, it is strongly recommended to match it with flat divan or bed frame to ensure its optimum support.


  • 請勿使用不適合的床墊支撐物放置床墊,例如太軟或太脆弱的下墊,或是不適當的床框架 (網底架、排骨架、尺碼不同之床架),上述下墊或床架有過大縫隙,容易造成獨立筒的回彈力不均勻,長時間受力不均的情況下,易縮短彈簧之壽命,故不建議使用,如使用上述之下墊或床架,將損壞您的床墊並使您的保修失效。
  • We would not recommend you to use any divan or bed frame that is not suitable such as too soft or inaccurate in size. This would affect the effectiveness and lifespan of your purchased mattress.


  • 使用床墊專用保潔墊或床罩等,避免髒污滲透床墊內部。
  • It is advisable to use mattress protector to keep your mattress clean at all time.


  • 每隔3個月將床墊頭尾對調一次,使床墊平均受壓。
  • In order to maintain the consistent body pressure on mattress, it is recommended to rotate your mattress every 3 months.


  • 側邊手把、腰帶為裝飾用,建議翻動時,請勿以手把、腰帶為搬移的重心,如因移床提拉斷裂,將不列入保固範圍。
  • Mattress handle and accessories is not included in the warranty claim. Please do not pull them during mattress rotating process.


  • 避免長時間坐床邊緣或下床墊,造成床緣彎曲變形。
  • It is advisable not to sit on the mattress edge for long period of time to prevent misalignment or broken in shape.


  • 避免在床墊上站立或跳躍,易造成獨立筒損壞。
  • Do not stand or jump on the mattress as it would affect the support system of your pocketed spring.



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